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Lincoln said "I don't think much of a man
who is not wiser today
than he was yesterday"

We help you build a culture of questioning,
learning and growth!
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At Back to Basics Training, we have been helping our clients improve the performance of their people, their sales, their culture and their business since 1988 and we have developed a reputation as being one of the very best.

Whether you are planning to conduct a Conference, looking for a Key Note Presenter to speak at your next Conference, or wishing to develop a Training Program to deal with some specific issues, we are here to help. Read on to find out why we are regarded as one of the top training companies in Australia!
We get the results you need!
Our unique background as former Corporate CEOs and our expertise in many different industries enables us to understand your needs and train at all levels of your business, from the frontline to the executive level.


Every company has different reasons for conducting training. Before we commence any program, we will spend time in your workplace - at your office, in your factory, out on the road or in your stores. We'll talk to your team and get them involved, we'll attend meetings and in a nutshell, we'll do whatever it takes to understand your business, your people and your issues.

This is a service we offer at no charge - because it's always the preparation that determines a successful outcome and because we are passionately committed to adding value every step of the way. The more we fit in as part of your team, the better your results!
We light the fire and
create shining eyes!
Thousands of testimonials affirm the success of our focus to help each person become their very best. To do this effectively, we believe that the training must be learner centred, collaborative and enjoyable and it must be practical with real world application.
"Training is the lighting of a fire,
not the filling of a pail"
We work with all domains - cognitive, affective and meta-cognitive to achieve long lasting results. Training that achieves excellent, long lasting results puts the emphasis on the individual team members and encourages them to take ownership for their performance, their growth and their contribution!

We develop Conferences, Presentations and Workshops that get through!
Our Programs not only reflect our expertise and hands-in knowledge of life in the real world, they are written in such a way as to bring out the best in your team. The design and sequencing of the content, the activities and the methods used are all vital to a successful outcome, which is why our training is designed by a former CEO who holds a Masters' degree in education.

We'll work with you to develop training that is specific to your company, your culture, your team's attitudes, behaviours and skills' requirements ... and at the time that suits you best, even if that does mean early mornings, late nights and weekends!

All sessions can be adapted for your budget and time frames: whether this be for Conferences, full day Workshops, short Seminars or on-going Skills and Development Programs. Our short Morning or Evening Seminars are very popular at the great value price of $2500 plus GST and we also offer half day and full day options.
Our clients have asked us to design and conduct anything from 45 minute Key Note Presentations to 6 day Conferences to 12 month Training Programs with everything in between ... for all levels of people in their organisation and across a wide variety of industries - some of their comments are listed in the right hand column!
In short, 15 years in business ... hundreds of clients ... 58,000 team members trained with a 99% high satisfaction rating ... we'll be the best decision you ever made!
Contact Us at any time to discuss your needs, without feeling pressure or obligation!    
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Free Managers' Idea-Kit - top leadership and management ideas to help boost productivity, increase results and better manage your team.


"Congratulations -
I'm a huge, huge fan"
Large Private Company

"Without doubt,
the best
I have seen.
Your presentation skills
are perfect!"
Publicly Listed Company

"We wouldn't choose
anyone else -
the transformation
you achieve with
our management
and staff
at all levels
is unbelievable
and ... importantly
for the budget,
you are
not expensive "

General Manager

"A wonderful Conference again - it's already
made a difference
and I always appreciate
the take-home value
of your training.
We refer to the sessions constantly!
Well done!"
Owner and
Managing Director

"Better than excellent ...
we want you
with us forever"
Owner and
NSW Chairman

Our Managers have
really turned a corner -
not just with their skills,
but with their positive, proactive attitudes.
Thank you!"
Owner and
Managing Director

"Again, detailed, inspiring, amazing ... and the results
we are seeing are truly outstanding"
Owner and
Managing Director

"I have never seen training like this ...
the way you transformed
that passive, negative
group into passionate, enthusiastic
Managers was amazing"
Owner and
Managing Director

"You've given me
such peace of mind -
I really appreciate all the extra time and care
you've taken"
Franchise Owner

"You've made an
enormous difference to our business - thank you"

"A fantastic experience
not just for each of us
but for
the greater good"

Chairman of the Board

"I've never seen
our guys
so committed, positive
and motivated
and ... they've
stayed that way!"

General Manager

"Better than excellent!
Even an oldie
can learn when
the training is great!"


"You are not only
a great presenter ...
more importantly,
you become
part of our team -
we love your work"
Managing Director

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