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"The journey of a thousand miles,
begins with a single step"

We help you plan the steps
and then accompany you on the journey!

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Whilst there is no doubt that a one off Training Course can be very motivational, an on-going Back to Basics Training Program has the ability to develop a wider range of skills and behaviours in your Team. Our suggestions are listed below and after feedback from our clients, we've given each Course another name to fit in with the Program.
You'll see in the Course Overviews that we have also recommended where appropriate, an additional Course that makes an ideal extension to the Morning topic. These Programs or any others can be conducted in-house if that is a more suitable option for you. Click here to Contact Us.
    Program for New Managers - 4 Courses    
    Development Program for Managers - 10 Courses    
    Program for Experienced Managers - 8 Courses    
    Program for all New Team Members - 4 Courses    
    Program for New Retailers - 5 Courses    
    Program for Experienced Retailers - 6 Courses    
    Program for New Sales Professionals - 4 Courses    
    Motivational Program for all the Team - 4 Courses    

Program for New Managers
Understanding and Achieving Expectations
  (Professional Success Behaviours for Managers)
Understanding the Four Step Process of Mgmt
  (Mastering the Four Essentials of Management)
Understanding your Role as a Leader
  (Effective Leadership Skills)
Understanding how to Manage your Team
  (People Management and Motivation)
Development Program for Managers

The Manager taking Accountability

(Professional Success Behaviours for Managers)
The Manager achieving Results
(Developing,Implementing and Achieving KPIs)
The Manager as the Time Manager
(Time Management for Managers)
The Manager as the People Manager
(People Management and Motivation)
The Manager as the Team Builder
(Encouraging Teamwork and Building Strong Teams)
The Manager as the Performance Manager
(Performance Discussions and Appraisals)
The Manager Implementing Changes
(Initiating and Managing Change)
The Manager as the Trainer and People Developer
(Coaching Skills for Managers)
The Manager as the Business Manager
(Budgets & Results - analysing Key Financial Data)
The Manager as an Outstanding Leader
  (Understanding & Influencing the Personalities)
Program for Experienced Managers
Making a Difference to the Organisation
  (Managing the Mission, Vision and Cultural Values)

Making a Difference to Recruitment

(Recruiting, Inducting and Keeping Great People)
Making a Difference to the Development of People
(Successful Succession Planning)

Making a Difference to the Results

(Maximising Profits using the EFQM Business Model)

Making a Difference to your Managers

(Managing Managers Effectively)
Making a Difference to your Presentations
    (Powerful Presentations Part 1 and Part 2)
Making a Difference as a Leader
(Mastering the 8th Habit - Visionary Leadership)
Teaching Others to Make a Difference
  (Applying Emotional Intelligence Skills)
New Team Members' Program

You as the Successful Professional

(Professional Success Behaviours for all the Team)
You as the Professional Service Giver
(Exceptional Service and the Actions that Destroy it)
You as the Professional Communicator    
  (Communication, Conversation and People Skills)
Program for New Retailers
You as the Successful Professional
(Professional Success Behaviours for all the Team)
You as the Professional Service Giver
(Exceptional Service and the Actions that Destroy it)
You as the Professional Communicator
(Communication, Conversation and People Skills)
You as the Professional Salesperson
    (Mastering the Steps of the Sale - Part 1 and Part 2)
Program for Experienced Retailers
Making a Difference as an Advanced Salesperson
  (Advanced Selling Skills - Part 1 and Part 2)
Making a Difference to Store Presentation
(Visual Merchandising & Store Presentation - 1 & 2)  
Making a Difference over the Telephone
  (Telephone Selling Techniques)
Making a Difference to your Business
  (Strategies to Handle Increased Competition)

New Sales Professionals' Program


The Professional Salesperson

(Professional Success Behaviours)
The Confident Salesperson
(Effective Selling Techniques for Sales Professionals)

The Results Oriented Salesperson

(Success with Cold Calling, Leads and Referrals)
The Persuasive Salesperson
  (Sales Letters, Quotes & Proposals that get Action)
Team Motivational Program
Gold Medal Attitudes
(Professional Success Behaviours for all the Team)
Gold Medal Communication
(Communication, Conversation and People Skills)
Gold Medal Teamwork
(Understanding the Four Personalities)
Gold Medal Outcomes
  (Life Skills - Goals, Confidence and Personal Growth)
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"Best ever!"

"This was excellent - courses that offer employees
the chance
to improve their abilities in regards
to attitude and
selling skills are
a worthwhile investment"

"... was excellent;
he explained all
the points clearly and nmade the day
very enjoyable
as well as

All sessions
have got me excited
and refocused
about my work!"

"Very approachable
and willing to help
with any questions.
My main aim
is to now
refocus everyone
back onto
the customer"

"Fabulous -
even though
we all work in
a different environment,
he was able
to tailor it
to all our needs"

"This was excellent.
I've learnt a lot
this Course"

Very approachable
and it is clear
they practise
what they preach!
I always enjoy
learning with them"

"This Course has
enabled me
to focus on
what is important
about training and
have more confidence
in myself"

"As usual - excellent"

"The approach
was based on principles she was teaching,
which made
learning and implementing
the strategies
a lot easier than
I expected"

"You will gain
from this experience!
Skills and self
will grow!"

"Don't miss it -
it is
so valuable"

"Excellent -
develops your
to take on
greater challenges"

"I learnt a lot
it's something
that I can use
in any situation"

"Fantastic -
made you want
to learn more"

"Very informative,
thank you!
Really explained things in-depth
and very easy
to discuss
serious points with"

"It's visionary, motivating
and very exciting"

"Informative -
keen to encourage participation by all. Dedicated time
to everyone's concerns"

"He motivated and
informed me -
gave me very relevant information
to do my best"

""I learnt that
I cannot succeed
without each team member's input,
with me
setting an example"

I'm going to
constantly remind
myself and
my team
of passion, possibility and empowerment"

"A real eye opener!
Know it will improve
my skills"

very helpful"

"Very down to earth"

easy to relate to
and very interesting"

"I found her
very informative, understanding
of the difficulties
of working in retail
and had some
sound ideas on
how to
improve skills"

"Made me feel
more enthusiastic
about my job"

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