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"Capital isn't scarce; vision is"
(Sam Walton - founder of Wal-Mart)

The Gold Card is a great way to realise your vision!

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Our GOLD CARD provides you with top quality, affordable and flexible training to meet the needs of everyone in your company, whether there is ONE of you, or 500!

50 External Short Courses to choose from in 2006, you can grow your people and grow your business at a fraction of the cost of in-house training.

management and leadership skills through to sales, retail, customer service and office courses, Back to Basics Training has courses to suit your people and your business!

Priced at an unbelievable $1500 plus GST for 10 Tickets, you save $2000!
What a deal! No wonder most of our clients are taking multiple Cards!

With a Gold Card, your 2006 Training
is now under control!
10 TICKETS to any of the 50 External Short Courses of your choice, which is a fantastic saving of $2000
Course Tickets which are valid for 2 years
Tickets which are fully transferable
Complete Course Overviews to help you select the topics most relevant for your people and your business
Regular PROMOTIONAL OFFERS on our Back to Basics Products, specially designed to enhance your business
Click here to download your Gold Card Application Form

We've been
in business for
over 15 years;
we've climbed the corporate ladder
rung by rung,
right up to CEO level;
we are masters' degree qualified;
we've trained
58,000 people
and we have
a whopping 99% high satisfaction rating.

In short, we practise
what we preach
... so send off
your Application Form
and grab your
Gold Card today!
Free Managers' Idea-Kit - top leadership and management ideas to help boost productivity, increase results and better manage your team.
"Interesting, entertaining and professional"

This was beneficial
for every team member as it focused on
each individual
and their needs"

very encouraging and very thought provoking.
I was constantly
being challenged
to look through issues to find deeper meaning
and answers"

"Great pointers
for work and the future and kept it interesting"

"Team building exercises
were fantastic"

"The small group activities were great,
very well spaced out
and it made everyone feel very special"

"Highly recommended! There is something to learn in this Course
for everybody"
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